These are the many cases Epic Army solved or did not solve.


Case 1# The Strange Case of Dr. DPS and Mr. BioEdit



  • DaPeaShoota/DarkPwnage
  • Biomance

Closed as False SuccessEdit

The first case Epic Army "solved" was The Strange Case of Dr. DPS and Mr. Bio (titled by HkH)

T'was a normal wiki day when DPS/DarkPwnage came and roleplayed with HkH, Orb and Fishy. DPS was "defeated" and summoned his "minion" Biomance. He quickly left and Bio quickly came in. Which sparked curiousity inside HkH and Orb (mostly Orb. Since HkH was roleplaying), Orb noted it as the roleplay ended. The Three got curious about that little fact and thought DPS and Bio were the same user and later went investigating. Orb was the one who took screenshots since HkH's chat history got deleted when he refreshed and For unknown reasons Fishy didn't take screenshots., HkH and Fishy had theories. This case lasted for at least three days or so. Ending with the saddening news that DPS and Bio weren't the same user as stated in Orb and DPS's PM chat.

Case 2# The Gray and The AwesomerEdit



  • TheMostAwesomer
  • The Greyscale Vortex

Assumed DiscontinuedEdit

The second case Epic Army partially solved was The Gray and The Awesomer (titled by HkH)

Orb became curious when TMA gave back a plant he adopted in his adoption service and probably a few minutes later, TGV adopted the plant. This case took only a day and got forgotten easily though. (as I think)

Case 3#Edit

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Case 4#Edit

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Case 5# Amnesiac ProwerEdit



  • Milesprower2

^ "Participated" for a second

Closed as SuccessEdit

The Fifth case Epic Army solved was Amnesiac Prower (titled by HkH)

It was a random wiki day when Milesprower2 entered chat and told everyone he didn't enter chat before (which he did). Gt3 and HkH both declared Miles to be trolling, but Miles said he was not trolling. Orb took two screenshots, which HkH investigated. Gt3 and HkH kept on declaring Miles was still trolling, Miles continued to say he was not. Having enough. Gt3 and HkH decided to "ride along" as the 1-hour case got to close, Gt3 and HkH say that they both believed Miles. and Miles ended up saying He was trolling, Making HkH reveal that they (Gt3 and HkH) were riding along. Troll-backing Miles in the process.

Gallery of CasesEdit


  • Epic Army tend to this once in a while (mostly Orb, HkH and Fishy)