Fido (pronounced Feh-Do) is HkH's many pet wolves' name in Minecraft. 
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One of the many Fidos


Fido the First

In one of HkH's first random adventures in Minecraft, he tamed a wolf and called him Fido. The Wolf remained for quite sometime until HkH went into a cave and it Fido tried to swim to lava, HkH tried to save his Companion by trying to make Fido teleport into a nearby water, but he was too late.

Other Fido(s)

Until today, HkH still calls his pet wolves as Fido. since He can't think of anything cool yet. 
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From Left to Right : Clucky, Cowkage, Atachy and Fido


  • All versions of Fido wolves end up dying in anyway.
  • Fido was so great at dying, He actually won the Surviving Award of 2013!