Epic Army is a group formed by HyperKing Hesham, alongside Uglyfish63 and Orbacal


Epic Army was made by HyperKing Hesham alongside Uglyfish63 and partially Orbacal, who was doing stuff while Fishy and HkH was making the Epic Army, it had various names such as "Epic Army, Inc". They recruited in Punjiponjeenponjah, Milesprower2 and The Rainbow Inferno. After the creation. They recruited more people such as TheMostAwesomer, TheCuteDolphin and more. The group had no goal whatsoever, However they investigated stuff (See here for more information), A while later, Hesham recruited several more members such as ProcastinatorMan, Marikimi (Sweet Sunshine), Guppie the Third, SodaPopExplosive, Emeraldgreeny and possibly more.

Currently, The group's main "base of operations" is at Plants vs Zombies Character Creator wiki, however they have secret wikis that aren't gonna be listed here due it being "too secret".

Most of the group members are neutral against each other.

Group Members

See Epic Army Members for members.


  • The Epic Army went to many names until being named Epic Army.