Atachy (pronounnced Ata-chi)  is one of HkH's pet in Minecraft, He is a cat, usually an orange cat or siamese. 
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Atachy and friends.


Atachy was just recently named and officially called as part of EA Virtual pets. Atachy unlike most of HkH's pets in Minecraft, doesn't die a lot. Mostly because Atachy is near useless in fight.


The Catngekyo SharingmeowEdit

Atachy might seem useless in combat, But he has this special power called The Catngekyo Sharingmeow (pronounnced Cat-ngek-yo Sa-hring-meow) which he uses if there is a creeper nearby.


  • Atachy is named literally after Itachi Uchiha
  • Atachy was named Atachy because he was too "attached"